Blue Mountain Shetland Sheep
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Welcome to Blue Mountain Shetland Sheep
Blue Mountain Shetland Sheep live in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains, in a climate similar to their homeland on the Shetland Islands.  This cool marine environment facilitates a thriving, hearty and contented flock.   Our sheep are raised for their excellent fleeces, correct conformation and docile cooperative disposition.   Deliberate and conservative breeding is our goal - to raise the best, not the most.   We do not have any sheep for sale at this time.   Return to enjoy updated photos and details about each registered member of our flock.   Member of NASSA.    We have 18 years of  conservation breed experience.    Contact us by email at [email protected]
We have roving for sale.   Chocolate (moorit), black, oatmeal and light grey.   It comes in bumps of 8-12 oz.    Use the Contact Us button to inquire about  roving for sale, or available fleeces in spring.  -------->
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Isabella is a small ewe but produces a great fleece for her size.  Meet the rest of the flock on "Meet our Sheep page"